Getting There

SOA Watch is coordinating a caravan from Columbus to Lumpkin (about a 45 minute drive) for the Vigil at the Stewart Detention Center. Parking will be limited in Lumpkin, so we strongly encourage carpooling. This way, we can also meet each other in the process!


If you or your group will be driving from Columbus to Lumpkin and back and have extra seats in your vehicle, please sign up here to offer seats to other SOA Watch attendees!

Drivers are asked to meet in the turn-about in front of the Georgia Convention & Trade Center (801 Front Ave, Columbus, GA 31901) between 7:30-8:00am on the morning of Saturday, November 21.  There, you will wait for member(s) of the movement seeking transportation to fill your open seats.  Once your vehicle is full, you may leave for the Lumpkin town square (For GPS use 290 Main Street, Lumpkin, GA 31815).  You are free to utilize street parking anywhere in downtown Lumpkin.  After the vigil, we ask that you provide a return trip to anyone who you brought.

For those who are driving and do not have extra seats, the vigil begins at 9:30am at the town square in Lumpkin, GA.  For online or GPS directions use 290 Main Street, Lumpkin, GA 31815 as your address.  The vigil will end at the gates of Stewart Detention Center located on CCA Road, also in Lumpkin.


If you are seeking transportation from Columbus to Lumpkin and back, please indicate this here.  Note: this is NOT a guarantee that you will receive a ride! It is only to help us determine how many participants are seeking transportation.


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